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Do you want a Sweet Kiss?
Sweet Kiss
I should've born in Korea

The ones who get it:

The ones who don’t:

The ones who pretend to get it but actually don’t:

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So I have this friend and she’s really pretty

But when she laughs is like the whole world stops…

And you have to cover your ears

Before they explode

In the shower:


In a party:


(I like to practice my moves~)

ME: Can I ask you a question?

FRIEND: Yeah, sure…

ME:  Am I pretty?


ME: My mom says I’m pretty


ME: WHAT? Oh, I get it…

ME: You’re saying I’m not pretty…

FRIEND: You might not be pretty but you’re so smart

Looking at your friend in the classroom:

Talking with your friend in the classroom:

Laughing with your friend in the classroom:

Let’s just put it on the table like this…. you work 24/7 all year and you are not being paid enough and you are not being taken care of, does that sound like something fair to you? When you like something you’re so desperate for it that you don’t even think about the consequences I think that’s what happened to Kris. He rushed too much onto his dream and collided against a BIG wall.